Market and technological opportunities

Marc Andreessen once famously said, “Software is eating the world” to refer to the software-driven innovation revolution and the need for every company to become a software company. This is more relevant now. Today, software development is highly specialized and its availability is limited to a small handful of people with classical training. As new digital platforms come to exist, and millions of users come online for the first time, the need for content and software will only continue to increase. If we continue to approach the development of software using current patterns, we will not be able to meet this new demand. If the power to create software remains so prohibitively expensive, software creation will continue to trend toward centralization. A few large multinationals will outsizedly control and shape the connected experience for newly-connected populations.

Playcent aims to democratize software development by allowing non-techies to easily create interactive apps, games and other user generated content in minutes.

In 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. Over 50% of the time is spent inside of social media and messaging apps. In these social feeds users consume all types of content like text, image, video, GIFs and links. Each of the social media implements a webview ( a browser built in natively to support links ) to support links. Playcent takes advantage of the webviews. Cents are web urls that run everywhere including all the social media websites. Some of the playcent apps or cents already replicate functionality of native apps like Buy Me Coffee , shopify or cameo.

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