Playcent Universe

There are several users that would comprise Playcent’s vibrant ecosystem:


Developers build the templates that power the playcent apps. Templates will be remixed into custom apps and shared by millions of people across the world. As the template is remixed, and its remixes are remixed, the template evolves into new applications. Playcent tracks this ancestry, and developers retain a stake in the value of this "evolution pool" over time. Each template created is part of a lineage and yields reward based on the activity of its descendants according to the Playcent Evolution Fee Structures.


As core users and value providers, content creators gain the largest share of the revenue.

Content creators can earn token rewards by remixing cents. When a cent is played, the content creator will be rewarded with tokens based on the activity.

The content creator can also earn a larger one-off payment by selling the cent they created on the marketplace


User(s) consume the content created and earn tokens from the reward pool.

In addition to general interactive behaviors such as Liking, sharing, and commenting, users can also use playcent tokens for In app purchases, subscriptions and tipping developers or creators.

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