Team, advisors and strategic partners

The Playcent team members have years of experience in product, technology, and business.

Sandeep Sudagani - CEO Sandeep is involved in all key decisions from product, tech to marketing, and leads the company. He has worked with Its blockchain since early 2017 and has a vast network of Blockchain industry and gaming connections. Jaya Kishan Kumar Nammi - CTO Jay leads our engineering team and is responsible for our technical strategy and engineering operations. He previously worked as a senior software engineer at Maximl. Ian M. Friend - Strategic Advisor Co Founder & COO Ferrum Network

Mohit Madan - Ecosystem Advisor Co-Founder & CEO OroPocket Strategic Partners: Frontier, Unilend, Ferrum Network, Torus, Biconomy, Bitbns and a few others

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