Tech stack

Playcent platform key architecture

Playcent Editor, where a user creates applications,

Playcent CDN, which publishes, hosts, and distributes all the apps

Playcent Rewards Engine, which rewards users based on the activity

NFT Marketplace, To mint and trade NFTs

Cent Marketplace, To trade playcent apps

Playcent pay & Wallet, Used for payments and to store tokens and NFTs

Esports SDK: To convert games to e-sports games

Visual controls library: To import and convert apps to playcent templates

Playcent Editor

Playcent Editor is used to create interactive and games. The Editor is available in 2 modes,

  • Visual mode

  • Code view

Visual mode provides the visual interfaces required to customize the playcent apps and games. This is mainly for non-technical users Code view provides a browser-based collaborative integrated development environment (IDE) which contains all the project's code.

Playcent CDN

Playcent CDN refers to a geographically distributed framework that takes care of the deployment, hosting and distribution of playcents apps and games.

Blockchain Stack

Playcent is built on ethereum and runs on Matic blockchain. We initially chose Ethereum back in 2019 due to the number of developers building on the platform, and the ability to build an MVP quickly. As time passed it became clear that building a blockchain UGC Platform solely on Ethereum would not be feasible from a scalability standpoint.

We have chose Matic Network as our scaling solution due to the high performance and security of our infrastructure Among the data generated from the Playcent ecosystem, any items that are transaction-related are recorded in the Matic blockchain in the form of Tx All inputted data is disclosed transparently due to the nature of the blockchain. Gamers, consumers and developers participating in the Playcent ecosystem can view this data and use it for decision making, etc. The data stored in the blockchain is not large-capacity, such as images, videos or long text. Those items are stored in a corresponding database. Data stored on the blockchain is data related to key activities.

Wallet & PlaycentPay

Wallet and authentication is powered by and biconomy, wallet is used to store tokens and NFT assets. PlaycentPay facilitates microtransactions and other in-app purchases, including tipping, from the wallet. Playcent wallet also handles top-ups, gift codes, and payouts/settlements. Using the PlaycentPay cents inside social feeds can charge users of other networks.

NFT Marketplace

An asset marketplace where you can mint, buy and sell digital collectibles without any coding skills. Create, discover, buy, and sell rare and unique blockchain assets.

Create - Mint your own NFTs using no-code

Discover - Find pioneering blockchain projects featuring scarce digital assets

Trade - Buy and sell the digital NFTs

Collect - Store the assets in your playcent wallet

Playcent Esports SDK

Creator Kit

Creator tools that enable influencers to issue a social token and monetize from their audience

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